Friday, September 25, 2015

it's whatevs...

the DM texted me yesterday morning, at 8:52 in the morning, whatever that's about, telling me the time for Saturday. and mentioned it was cool if people came by early. I don't know what that's about either.

from an uninterested perspective, what would I have to gain by coming early? the interested side is obvious and therefore moot.

that's where I am now. I expect nothing, I hope for nothing. and I'm almost a little offended that you think I have so little to do that extra time at your house is a bonus.

but I will go about half an hour early, since the invitation was offered. but nothing else changes. already picked my outfit, hair and glasses. no airs, no extra, no interest. that reminds me though, I gotta finish my Druid class.

in other news, I'm painfully fat. mostly healthy, but fat. I carry it with a good amount of swagger, but sometimes that's not enough. I kind of wonder if I'm missing out on something's because I'm not thinner. I dunno, probably, maybe not, who the fuck knows. I could be fatter, I've seen those folks and I'm honestly glad I'm not heavy as they are, yet my own fat jail is no picnic.

I'm realistic though, if I ever lost weight, I'd never be a single digit. I really wouldn't mind just being back to a 16. literally haven't been that size in a number of years I hate to admit, even to my dead little blog. literally, shit, it's been ridiculously long.

that makes me sad, so let's keep it moving.

my fat ass is hungry.

I think we're done here. if you can stand more, stay with me...

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