Monday, February 24, 2014

have a baby rant...

i'm already in a pissy mood as auntie flo showed up a week early. and the day i'm not in the mood to talk, all i get is jibber-jabber from everyone i talk to at work. then this shit comes up on my facebook feed

I HATE THIS SHIT. marilyn monroe, even if she had been a smart cookie, thought a better use of her time was fucking presidents and being a ditz. i don't knock her hustle, she did what she wanted, and apparently did well. but she died in '62, 40 years before size 0 was even a thing. STOP ATTRIBUTING QUOTES TO PEOPLE WHO NEVER SAID THEM. especially dead people. the absolute fucking worse.

someone smart somewhere said this. and it's a great thing that they said. but faking a celebrity quote doesn't show wisdom, it just shows ignorance. if you want to be profound, be fucking profound on your own and be appreciated for your wisdom. don't fucking slap a quote on any celebrities face to spread the word. people WILL call you on your bullshit and i hope whatever hole you're hiding you feel like an absolute butffucked ass. you are stupid and you are lazy!

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