Friday, February 14, 2014


one year. one. whole. year. since the cataclysm. happy anniversary.

birthday doodle from Google. cute...

i wish that this year had been more productive or more interesting. but i'm honestly surprised i made it this far. it gives me a little bit of drive to make this more of what i want it to be. though i'm still not entirely sure what that is.

cosplay blog is what it mostly serves as. occasional rant about life. i've already had my annual weird-fat-single-girl breakdown, good to go on that front. writing, art, creative type shit. so true to the name, this blog is truly Anidian. i've got no idea what i'm doing, and it shows in the randomness. all it lacks is consistency, really.

which, if i were to make resolutions anymore (i don't. bullshit, all of it), that would be one i make, to give this blog a lot more love and continuity. my day to day foibles could provide moderate entertainment i suppose. add a smattering of my cosplay processes, my written work, real lifestuff and the like for spice. maybe even combine my ambitions undertaking of a second blog with this one. since i can barely do one. more of the same shit, really. just more of it.

i believe my life is a tit more interesting than this blog tells, so i'll try to convey it. stay with me...

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