Saturday, March 1, 2014

doing... stuff

i'm tired, and a bit light headed. ate a big dinner then walked for 15 mins. i'm fucking out of shape.

but small steps.

the building i work in really is ideal for walking. flipping huge ass modified warehouse is all it is. just plug in some tunes and wander up and down the halls. my challenge is to walk at least once a shift. get me ready for the next phase: finding some dance routines.

cardio exercises are nice and all, but i've always loved to dance. i was in tap as a lil bitty thing. in high school and college i took every dance class they offered. i even make up my own routines to songs i really like. something about purposeful movements to music, not just giggin' or club/party dancing, has always been enjoyable to me. gonna start with youtube. i know they have tons of videos, but i have to find one/some that appeal to me. i really do get bored easily when it comes to exercise. if it's too repetitive or not challenging, i won't feel it and won't do it often or again.

i'll have to make a better dinner choice tomorrow too. taco salad, while delish, is heavy as fuck and full of stuff i could probably do without. and the sopaipillas were a mistake.

dead little sopaipillas...

am i giving up all great foods that i love like crazy? hell no. but i think what would benefit me is to designate one day a week to splurge a little. i've learned to never call it a cheat day, because it causes you to associate those foods as bad, wrong, and feel guilty if you happen to fall off the wagon. those feelings could spiral further until you just give up. so it will be a reward day or rest day. Sunday's would be best for those, because that's the day we have family dinners, and no way am i giving up my mommy's cooking.

little steps.

in other news, it's spring, so it's time to cram for cosplay. yesterday i worked nearly eight hours on the gloves i mentioned in a previous post. the results are not terrible

forgot to take one with it ON...

i practiced with some bummy tights, but these are a much thicker quality. painting turned into a two man job as the lil sister wanted to help and once she got tired, i had to finish. after that, i glued on some fake nails and painted them black. that's the left hand for the female troll. i won't paint the nails for the male one, just paint those a similar gray. up close it leaves much to be desired. the finger tips are fat and bunchy from the stitching. but i have to deal because A) i have big hands and 2) i don't know what the fuck i'm doing . it's a learning process

with the second glove, i'm trying to improve the stitching and the cut to prevent the ugliness at the finger tips.

not shown: blood, sweat and tears

from a distance, i think it will be fine. at least they will have to be because i'm not going to do this again unless the gloves get damaged. these will be done in time for the first con of the year, Animation Celebration, so i'm looking forward to see what they look like with the full Kanaya outfit on. pics will be posted, so stay with me...

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