Sunday, February 23, 2014

weight loss options

first and foremost, i must admit i'm lazy

i know how to lose weight. and i know what has worked for me. and i have lost weight in the past.

but, as i've mentioned, i'm lazy.

i've seen a lot of my friends take what i believe is the lazy way out and have weight loss surgery. a lot of them have the lapband. my aunt even went with the gastric sleeve. they've all had great results. and i don't knock anyone for self improvement if that is the route they want to go.

but is this shit really for me?

my main apprehension with all of this stuff is the surgery aspect. i believe i have done quite well in my years to avoid hospital stays, broken bones, illness and other unpleasantries. this fact has made me lead me to say that i would like to go to my grave with everything i came into this world with. most weight loss procedures are only day surgeries, but still. they are cutting you open to attach something to your insides or removing entire sections of them. my record would be shattered. that and i don't like the idea of being 'open'. i sliced my hand open on a tin can once and could see inside the wound. i nearly went into shock.

secondly, to me, weight loss surgery is forced starvation. instead of learning healthy options and eating habits, it just reduces the amount of food you can take in. yes, in the pre-op stages and planning, they teach you diet plans and tell you what you can eat and what to avoid afterwards. but really, you could have a weight loss surgery and still eat a burger a day or a pint of ice cream, or various other "fat foods" and still lose weight. albeit it will be slower, and you will more than likely get pretty sick behind that shit, but it's feasible.

and rapid weight loss like that wrecks the hell out of your body. if you're a really biggin, you lose more weight than the body can adjust to, leaving you a flabby mess. it takes either years of exercise and weight training to tone up or plastic surgery to slice it off. not. pleasant.

i've basically talked myself out of it time and time again. opposed to all this as i am, i still find myself thinking how much easier it would just be to do the damn thing and get on the road to less me. i've been fat for a long time, and mostly happy. i don't feel i've ever been discriminated against or held back by my weight. i'm active, functioning and sometimes social. it's not life threatening, though losing some lb's wouldn't hurt. i just feel somehow... bored... with being fat. like, 'yeah, been doing this for a long time. not bad, not great. just is.' i have grown curious as to what it's like in the skinny girl camp. what do those bitches do, cause it ain't eat. we do that in the fat girl camp.

and "skinny" is a realitve term anyway. i've seen drastic weight loss in people that's left them looking old and malnourished (because they kind of are). it's a whole 'nother reason for me to be against the surgery thing. i never want to get that small or look that way.

i don't think i want a lot in weight loss. lose the muffin top, that's the main offender. lean up the back, and lose the inner thigh jelly. i don't want to wear a size six. don't want to run marathons. i just want to be thick. plump, rubenesque or whatever, instead of fat.

but i read an interesting blog post (as i blog this, no less) about calorie intake and weight training. i like the message, like maybe i could apply it to my life? maybe?

i could do it. little steps at a time. read an article about a guy who was reunited with his high school love after losing almost 300 lbs. she was a fitness trainer that advocated small steps to big changes to his amazing weight loss. i could easily start walking around this long ass building i work in. from the front door to my desk is probably a quarter of a mile alone. i could not indulge in the bs foods i love quite as much (that's tough too, i love the convenience). i like to cook and good at it, so i could make all the good stuff i like. little changes...

this is just spitballing however. because i started with, i'm lazy. i need inspiration, motivation of some sort. not like sickness or an accident or something. maybe a fun reminder to take care of myself, improve myself. not sure what that would be, but #2014belongstome, so who knows what form that motivation may come in.

didn't post a pic in this blog. not like me, the wordy ones always seem heavy or boring. so have some random shit

enjoy that? plenty more where that came from. stay with me...

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