Monday, February 17, 2014

so hard and tired...!

another one? what am i, some kind of blogger now?

anywho, today, writing, and how easy it is. have an idea, skeleton out the plot and some finer points. put it to paper or processor. congratulations, you're written a novel. is it good? no one can say, but you've done it.

you know the hard part of writing? mother. fucking. editing! it. sucks. it's such a long, arduous process. and it's exhausting.

i'm currently doing what i call the "green edit" of the prologue to my first novel. in a post some time ago, i mentioned i started editing it. well, i'm still damn editing. my process goes such:
  • write everything, get it all out and down somewhere concrete and safe.
  • 1st edit is for major spelling/grammatical and continuity errors.
  • 2nd edit, the very ugly "has/were/was" edit. i use this one to remove those three words as much as possible and improve the flow, sound and style of the writing.
  • 3rd edit, the "green edit", so called because i highlight the approved text in green as i go. this one has to be the most thorough, thus takes the longest and the most attention
in this process, i read the same shit over and over again about six times. and while i love this novel, i love this story, it's characters and the direction it will take, i am, quite frankly, tired of reading it. while i drudge through line after line, i keep having fantasies of my other work that i would rather be working on while i read and reread a sentence three times to see if it sounds good with sentence before and after it. it publish yet?

there is a sense of urgency, and at the same time not. the finish goal is still march, however, since that's when i expect to complete my writing course and be able to submit the prologue to my editor.  but i need a break, and even this stupid little brain blog is a bit of a breather from the editing.

my special blog writing project "Number's Game" hasn't been touched since the last post i made from it, however. not that i'm done with that concept, but there are slightly bigger fish to fry at this point. one of the big fish is my beloved Lanky Frank. he's turned into a bit of a novella, with five chapters skeletoned, three complete. i don't see it as a book to be published though. i would love his adventures, if i had my way, to be serialized in a webcomic. he's such a large character, i can only see him one way and i would want his readers to see him the same way i do, and i think his story would look good online. observe a snip from the very beginning of the story:

Despite the dark, the shape of a thigh draped over a shoulder was evident. The young man’s legs shivered and quaked with ecstasy. His moans grew with ever more intensity by the second, from soft sweet whimpers to full throated cries. His slender fingers gripped and smoothed the pale blonde hair of the head between his legs. His climax was eminent, until a muted jingle rang from a coat pocket below the bed. Frank rose from between the youth’s thighs, stroking cum and saliva from his beard as he reached to answer it.
“You’re kidding right? I was almost there!” the young man whined.
“Quiet, I’ll finish you in a minute,” Frank scolded in his smooth, deep voice. He turned his attention to the phone as he stroked the young man’s inner thigh. “Hello?”
“Hello? Hello, he says,” a woman muttered on the other end. “You know how hard it is to get a hold of you these days, Frank? Weeks without a word and all you have to say is hello?”
“Countenance? What do you want?”
She replied with an exasperated sigh. “Yes Frank, it’s me. Where are you, what are you doing?”
“At the moment, I’m fucking… what’s your name again, love?” Frank asked as he spread the other man’s legs, pressing himself against his expectant rump.
“Khrys, it’s Khrys,” he giggled and answered coyly. He gave a pained and surprised yelp as Frank pressed inside him. “I’m fucking Khrys, now what do you want?”
“oh, you are absolutely… anyway, I’ve got a job for you, if you’re interested.”
“You have a job for me? I’m automatically not interested. Good night Countenance.”
“Damnit Frank, don’t you dare hang up on me! This is serious! I need your huuuu-“ Countenance stalled at the word.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that?”
“Huuu… huuu-elp. I need your heeelp.” she managed to choke out.
“As satisfying as it is to hear you say that, still not interested. Goodbye, Countenance.”
“Frank, I’ll pay you!” Countenance shrieked.
“My stars, Frank! You’re doing it now! How can you- marks, not sex!”
“You have my attention now. Talk fast, I am quite busy.”
“Ugh, you’re a pig, Frank.”
“And you’re wasting time.”
“Fine. I’m on a job tracking an unregistered user. Guy has been providing illegal services and ripping people off left, right and center, even burning some of his vics. Real bold son of a… gun. Anyway, he gets wind that I’m tailing him and he skips town, goes to the Outrealm. I’m not a user, I can’t get in there after him. But I can with an escort. You, Frank; you gotta get me in Outrealm to nail this guy.”
“Sounds awful. I don’t want to play babysitter for you, Connie. Have one of your cronies with the MPS escort you in.” Frank answered. He started to hang up when Countenance named the price.
“It’s 50 thousand marks! Half is yours. Come on, Frank! Pleeease get me in OutRealm!”
Frank stopped mid-stroke at the amount of money. “You’re tracking a 50 thousand bounty? How’d you get so fortunate?”
“You see now why I’m willing to swallow my pride to ask for your help.”
“There’ll be plenty of time for swallowing later, my dear. But you’ve got yourself a deal. Meet me at my office, seven in the morning, and we’ll get your man. Right now, I really must finish mine.”
He snapped the phone closed and lifted Khrys’ legs and hips for better leverage. He sighed with delight as Frank moved deeper inside him.
“Now, you were saying something about being nearly there?” he asked, pressing his weight on the back of the young man’s thighs. Khrys gasped, and managed to moan an affirmative response.

“Well, I assure you, I will take you all the way there and well beyond, my lad,” he whispered as the bit the man’s nipple and thrust himself fully  inside.
©K Knight, 2013

Frank is intelligent, refined and unabashed. i love absolutely everything about him. so if anyone would like to draw him up for me, feel free to contact me. i'd love to get back to Frank, but at the moment he's pretty far down my list. after i get through this edit, and while waiting to hear back on my writing course, i've got chapters to complete on two other projects before i can get back to the fourth chapter of Lanky Frank.

always at it, always getting it out. i may never see all of these works to fruition. as products of my brain, they are often out of the depths of the mainstream. i am not for mass consumption. but to the few that can appreciate what i'm going for and how i present the tale, i would love to give them all they can take and then some. i've been hastagging positive moments and dreams this year at #2014belongstome on facebook (don't have a twitter yet, but i know i will need to succumb to that awful machine soon...). i truly believe this is the year that changes every other year for the rest of my life. but i have to work for it. it's the kind of work i don't mind doing to get to the work i want to do.

i'd love for you to come along for the ride. stay with me...

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