Monday, February 15, 2016

So about Saturday night

I suspect I'll never get over Mike. Unless a powerful miracle happens. But my luck has never been that great.
It was weird to start with. None of the regular crew was there, but another one of his coworkers came, the coworker Nikki that I was completely wrong about, and brought her little girl. Sweet child just nosy and a lil too spice for me, but cute.
At first we were all responsible adults and kept the swearing, innuendo and other child inappropriate comments to a minimum. Then, we started drinking. And lips got very loose
Like, by proxy, you're obligated to swear more and talk about filthier stuff when you're not supposed to around someone's kid. Mom was really cool a about it all, saying lil mama had heard worse. Still, doesn't mean we should contribute to her vocabulary. Like when I expressed how much i love all iterations of the word fuck. Because I really, really do. I said fucktard in my mini diatribe and she came to the door and asked what a fucktard is. I quickly reminded her that just because you hear a word, doesn't mean you can repeat it.
Mike was just as bad, if not worse, telling me a pretty graphic story about getting back at his noisy neighbors by tongue fucking his extra loud ex girlfriend. Cool story bro, but could you try that on me next time?
I swear, I feel like this is some weird backwards ass flirting he's doing sometimes. But it never goes anywhere. Then other times I think he sees me as just one of the guys that wants to hear his tales of sexual conquests. The latter is particularly annoying since I'd like to be a sexual conquest. But apparently he likes slutty chicks. Maybe I need to up my game and come to a session half dressed. But this would be too obvious. And not me. I've certainly got filthy mind and willing to try or do many things. But he don't need to know that shit out the gate. Have some mystic, keep them wondering. I really like that people never really know what to expect with me. My one unique charm, I suppose.
Meh, all that to say that I'm stupid, but so is he. Let the games continue...

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