Saturday, June 21, 2014

feeling soft

and i don't like it.

can't be helped, because of reasons. ugh...

but everything is making me so super sensitive and emotional.

i'm going investigate a way to alleviate this feeling. surely someone has blogged, vlogged or talked about this.

i know i'm not alone. and that has given me comfort at times when i have felt my absolute weirdest and most isolated. just a matter of finding a like kind.

in the meantime, a thought occurred to me after a disconcerting thought earlier... the less i think about you daily, the more i feel accomplished.

that is a good mantra for people you are better off forgetting but keep being reminded of. if you need it, like it, take it, it's yours.

this post is boring, vague and incomplete, have something:

part one and the conclusion

should probably post some of those akon pics. till next time, stay with me...

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