Sunday, March 2, 2014


this post is from 2 March 2014. I forgot to hit publish -.-

nothing really great to post.

just did my walkies for this shift. sped up a bit from the first time. had my  Die Antwoord station thumping on Pandora and it felt good. when i sat back down at my cage, i could feel the legs burning a lil and the heart rate up a bit.  nicey. really want to start incorporating weights in somewhere. dunno how though, but i'm sure there is a weight training for noobs somewhere on the interwebs.

eating lighter on the clock too. home is never too much of a problem because i'm never really home long enough to eat i sleep till around 11 and snack before work. it's when i get there that i feel the need to bulk up on dinner and go out and buy something ridiculous. gots to do better. today the weather was beyond ridiculous and i some chicken and dumplings. but i didn't have too much. and i'm trying to improve my water situation. small steps. it will not be overnight. i don't expect or want it to be. i've been fat all my life. if it dropped off faster than i was ready, i'd be afraid of my own body.

also, the oscars were a thing tonight. i'm not watching them (i'm at work and even i was home, i wouldn't), but i'm getting pretty awesome play by play by my bestie on facebook.

also, a long time ago i mentioned connecting other social media to this blog. well, step in the right direction, i remember my tumblr password and renamed my 'blog' there to match this one. everything is CataclysmIsBorn and everything is Anidian. not a whole lot goes on at the tumblr blog, but i seek to rectify that situation. it's going to be mostly reposts, pics and the random written word every once in a while. maybe share some shit from this blog over there. a big difference is that it's gonna be probably a bit raunchier than this one. i'm letting my hair down and my interests out of the closet over there. be prepared, plain and simple. check it at eventually i'll get around to some newer, bigger, better changes. just takes a lil time. so stay with me...

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