Saturday, March 8, 2014

going all OCD-type-mommy-dearest-no-more-wire-hangers-in-this-bitch on this shit...

delightful way to start a post, ain't it?

but it fully expresses my... fervor... to start spring cleaning in the next few weeks.

i have, as of late, been extremely lazy about cleaning due to several changes in habit. the changes have thrown me off my game and made me very rebellious of the idea of even getting out of bed in the morning. also, it's been a cold ass winter, and my motivation is lower than the temps.

but i really need to buckle down and get some cleaning done. my house is... shambles would be putting it nicely. and it is nothing nice.

it's not unlivable, like an episode of hoarders or anything. stuff just doesn't get put away or cleaned when it should. kind of has a frat house feel to it at the moment...

studies have shown that cleaning makes you feel better, so i think it's fortuitous that i'm down for some deep cleaning at the beginning of spring break

'why kits, i didn't know you were in school!"
i am not in school, actually. but i work pretty steadily though out the year. we only get christmas off, i don't get sick and i only take off days for special reasons (family events, cons, etc.) so within the approximate 261 days a year i work, i get really fucking fed up. and i take a week off, second week in spring, just like spring break in years of yore.

it'll also help me get a jump on the move next year. i plan on buying a house and i don't want extraneous shit coming with me. i'm picking and throwing out anything and everything i can't find an immediate purpose for.

the tough part will be getting the lil to cooperate. she is lazier than sin is evil. and her room is one of the main offenders. i wonder, in my youth, if i collected and stacked anywhere as much shit as this kid does. and it's all little stuff that can get lost, stepped on or eaten by the dog. there is no container or place she has this stuff stored. it's just helter-skelter all over the room and desk. it's really annoying when i have to in there to look for something. despite the fact the shit never moves, i still have to dig through it to get to my stuff. love her though, and i don't fuss too much about it since she a good kid. choosing carefully which battles to fight....

the living room is also... just sad. it's where everything ends up. looking for clothes, they are probably piled on the couch or chair. anything else is either on the dining table, or under it. it's so nagging. i try to straighten, and before the day is over, it's a junk pile again.

but this coming week, between my various social activities and con prep, i am busting up the clutter and making my house livable again. it won't be beautiful, due to circumstances beyond my control. well, not really, but i'm too fucking nice to actually do what i want. but it will be clean, comfortable and half-way presentable for companies. i may post pics of my humble home once the deed is done. stay with me...

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