Monday, December 22, 2014

i dunno, maybe i'm the bitch...

because i don't think you're interesting. your inane ass stories, waiting to talk instead of listening, making everything about you, trying to one up people, even about stupid shit, having to be right about absolutely everything, making weak ass jokes just to have something to laugh about, talking just to avoid the silence.

what the fuck are you exactly?

i can see a lot of your behavior is to gain some self esteem. you cover an inferiority complex with a superiority complex, but don't quite pull it off. if you can be "the best", maybe people won't notice your issues. but then, that shit becomes your issues. it taints your personality and makes you fucking annoying as hell.

but if i tell you that, i do become the bitch. and i don't really want to tell you. i kind of want you to figure that shit out on your own. you're sheltered and frail, everything in your life is homogenized; same people, same activities, places etc. people in your world accept that shit, probably think it's cute. you want to make yourself seem so wordly and something special. you're not that special little snowflake. and you should recognize that and want some kind of change.

i'm not too much better. but i don't live by my insecurities. i can't imagine what kind of scary existence i would have if i did. i have my dark days, then i find a light and strut into that bitch. and i know, not everyone can do it like me, not saying they should. but because we do it different, doesn't mean your ass does it better. hell, even when we do it literally the exact same way, you still think  you did it better or i did it wrong.

i'm getting riled just thinking about it.

i think i am slowly going to incorporate reality into your bubble. it's gonna hurt your feelings and make you think i hate you. i don't. you're a good person and you have the potential to be really fun and interesting. but we need to get past this 'better than you, yanything you can do I can do better' bullshit you like to play.

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