Thursday, December 18, 2014

thursday night

watching some awful lgbtq movie that's too long and kind of boring. but a guy says something... "you can somewhat tell what people are about by their appearance,"

this is by no means law, but there is some truth in it. it makes me wonder. I perceive myself as plain externally. not ugly, but nothing to get overly excited about. does that mean I'm plain inside too? I feel like it does. I spoke before about not being edgy or exciting. not that I need or want a gimmick but, what do I need to be more... je ne sais quai?

dunno why I should even bother though.

also watched a movie about people finding their soulmate via science. not sure if I even believe in soulmates, but it was cute and kind of thought provoking. if romantic soulmates are real, what happens if you don't meet them? or if you get it wrong, the person you love and cherish is actually someone else's soulmate? does everyone get one? what if your true one and only actually lives half way around the globe? these questions make me believe soulmates aren't a thing. way too many people and variables in the world.

we're all just an accident of time and space. the chemicals just happen to line up right. nothing is permanent or guaranteed. yet we try so hard to give these little flukes of existence meaning. it's as it should be I suppose. I mean, what else have we got to do?

meh, too heavy and philosophical. gonna try to finish this awful long movie. stay with me...

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