Saturday, April 26, 2014

whoa nelly, it's a post!

but only a brief one. didn't want the month to get away without another one.

'so! what have you been up to Kits?'

ereything. it's been a frikking whirlwind last few weeks. after animation celebration, i had two dnd sessions, several social engagements and cosplay work to do. i've been just too damn busy. while it's exhausting, i love it.

but it's also resulted in a major collapse in organization. the living room is a mess, i can't find things, i can't get any anime in, japanese lessons have been non existent for ages. i need a solid week with no work, no interruptions, no lil sister to get my house back in order. but it's not looking like i'll have time until june. after A-Kon, it has to be after A-Kon.

speaking of, the material for the Gamzee pants came in

it's got a weird lil sheen to it, the black sin't quite black and the circles don't stand out as much as i would like. or this is the impression i get from the shitty yellow lighting in my apartment. still love it though. i cut out the pattern pieces for the pants already, but haven't had time (frikkin life, frikkin busy) to start sewing.

also researched some tuts for gamzee makeup and material for horns. instead of the Instamorph i used for the last horns, found a tutorial for using regular ole Crayola Model Magic. supposedly its light weight and air dries overnight. decided against the Worbla and similar thermoplastics because of the weight and a lot of them needing some kind of mold.

closing in on the final lap of this cosplay. things i have left to do: horns, style the wig, buy the shirt, finish the gloves (the shitty, shitty gloves), sew the pants, buy and paint the shoes and buy the clubs. it sounds like i've hardly done any work on this thing at all...

other news, the writing blog is back in business with the next installment of Lanky Frank. plan on posting something else tomorrow, so i can drag his story out a lil more. random blog is what it is... random. and i've started a fourth endeavor (oh Kits, you'll never learn...), a blog about my japanese lessons. i found yet another neat site called lingualift that does online language lessons. So far they have japanese, russian, madarin and french, with cantonese in the works. and apparently if you're feeling froggy, you can learn all four at once without restrictions. i'm not feeling that adventurous, and will just stick with the japanese. only downside is, it's pricey (month to month subscriptions start at $30), but i've got a few days left on my trial to check out. but if i'm going to pay for something, i can go back to my rosetta stone for $10 a month.

gonna stop here so i have more to share in my next post. stay with me!

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