Saturday, April 5, 2014

animation celebration 2014

a week behind, but here's some of what went down

yeeeh. it was a good amount of fun. it's a tiny convention, but a lot of people showed up and they had great guests. there's another one in May, not too far from where this one was. i doubt i'll make it, since May is crunch time for A-kon. but if they have any other shows between august and the end of the year in the area, i'll check them out.

one of the goals for 2015 is to visit a con out of the DFW area. i feel like i'm a big enough girl and ready for more responsibility. i may try San Japan in San Antonio. as long as i buy the ticket right after this year's event, i'll be more inclined to go.

in other news, back on the cosplay grind and gamzee is top priority as i want to debut that one at A-Kon in June. and i have to do another set of gloves. the last set that was meant for Gamzee turned out a little too weird and i couldn't really wear them. so i'm starting over from scratch. however, designed the print for the pants and it turned out awesome

it doesn't look like much in that lil bitty design. but circles are about 4" in diameter, all over. they are going to look great on my long legs.

after the pants, everything else should be gravy. worbla for the horns, snaps to attach them to the wig, whip up some fangs, buy the terminally capricious shirt, paint a pair of shoes purple and get the clubs. the cosplay practically finishes itself...

what else is going on... i'm 90% pescatarian. started 1 april and have consumed very little flesh of the land animals. but i have been chomping down on shrimp and fish. i love seafood and don't mind giving up the pig, cow and chicken too much. i just need better recipes. can't bake and fry everything. tomorrow is sunday though and that is my designated day for the other meats for now. i hope to go from once a week to once a month. not sure if i'll go all the way and be done with them completely yet. i guess see how i do.

also started this thing

squats, no biggie. i like doing those. wall sit, a challenge, but still, it's only for a few seconds. but them burpees though. if you know what a burpee is, god bless you. if you don't

yeah. i did 40 of those today. no big whoop. i did them slow as hell and i took breaks like every five or ten, but i did it. the difference from day one is amazing though. i was winded, my chest hurt, i sweated like a whore in church and it took me a really long time. today i blazed through the wall sit, squatted double time and improved the number of burpees i did without stopping. and that's after four days. by the end of the month, i'm gonna be a wrecking machine. 

i think that's all i've got for this blog. don't forget to check out the writing blog at, the random blog at come back to this one for more life stuff, stay with me. 

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