Saturday, April 5, 2014

hello babies...

post is from 3/23/2014. gotta remember to push the damn publish button

have some simply red...

i'm not done blogging babies, it's just been a whirlwind two weeks. cleaning house, playing DnD, socializing, partying... i should be exhausted, but i just want more. makes a man feel alive!

thus, i'm back in work mode. i have Animation Celebration in a week and i have to finish repairing cosplays. the first day i won't wear anything crazy. just my cybunny outfit.

its a new con for me and i don't know what to expect. i don't think there will be too many of my homestuckers or anime fans at this particular con; from all the pics i've seen, it's a lot of comic book and american animation stuff. if not, i'll be in civies for the other two days.

other stuff that's going on, i'm cutting writing out of this particular blog.

'what, kits? no!'

yeah, it's true. one, i don't post enough writing here to warrant it being included in this particular blog's 'repertoire'. secondly, it kind of gets lost between the cosplay and music and other stuff. but that doesn't mean i'm not writing, not producing. oh no, no. i can't not do that. that would mean i was dead. ha. ha.

what i have, in fact, done is start a blog solely for writing and maybe occasional art work. the first offering is the first chapter of my beloved Lanky Frank. if you're curious, check it out here.

what does that leave on this blog? cosplay, art, music, occasional smut, real life, whatever else i throw in here. like this song that warms my mother fucking cockles:

scintillating, isn't it?

i will, hopefully, post more this week on con prep and the actual con itself (i always say that and forget to take pics!). stay with me...

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