Monday, December 2, 2013

i got dreams so big.....

colored this today. quite fond of it. wish i could draw as well as i color. i wouldn't have a day job.

how are you?

been  a few days but i'm still doing me. been working hardcore on a novel i started probably seven years's the first book in a five book series. it's completely done too. it's just really, really poorly written.

i started it well before i began honing my skills, and god does it show. have an excerpt:

“You work for Statori?”
“I am chief of all State forces. I am known as the Viper. You’ve met my student, Jin Odan. And now, tell us, who are you?” Mo turned her head to the floor and said nothing. The Viper sighed. “They are always like this, aren’t they?” he chuckled to Jin. “So DIFFICULT!” He turned and struck Mo with the back of his fist as he spoke. She bent forward but didn’t topple. “What are you going to do with me?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. Viper crouched in front of Mo and leaned into her face. She only glanced at his face, but his eyes told her everything she need to know: this man is ruthless. His eyes were an inky contrast to his pallor and silvery locks. They sat close to his high cheekbones and held all the fury of a rabid animal. He raised a hand to caress her brow, cheek and lips. She cringed at his touch and extremely close proximity. “What I want,” he whispered, “you will know in good time. Until then, who are you and who sent you?” “Go to hell,” Mo whispered back. Vipers face was an instant scowl. He stood and pulled a pistol from a side holster beneath this suit jacket. She watched as he slowly took off the safety and fully cocked the hammer. “Wait!” she said suddenly. “I do have something to show you.” A greasy, self-confident smile crossed Viper’s face. He replaced he hammer, but left the gun trained on Mo. While she had been on her knees, she managed to loosen the ropes around her ankles, without being noticed, but left them taunt enough to stay in place. Mo situated herself so she sat flatly on the floor with her knees at her chest. She then rolled backwards in a tumble and brought her bound hands in front of her. “What the…” Jin remarked out loud. Viper, looking slightly irritated, asked, “Is that it?”

grammatical errors, weird POV at times, giant blocks of indiscriminate prose and dialogue. wow. but the story is completely solid. for which i'm very glad. i've got skeleton for all five books of the series. something i rarely do. like really, rarely. most of my writing i go into not having any fathomable clue how it's going to end. even my blog posts, i just be typin'.

so to me, this is meant to be. which is why i'm working so hard on it. because as soon as i finish something else, i can start submitting chapters of the novel to my editor. yes, i have an editor who i've worked with and trust with my writing. it's not particularly up her alley of expertise (she writes romance, i write fantasy and sci fi), but she knows how i work and i know how she edits. so i'm really honored to work with her on this.

i'm busting my ass to stay on top of this now because this novel is the beginning of a dream that i HAVE to see to fruition. as i mentioned in a previous posts, i've seen a lot of death in the last few months. so many lives cut short makes me realize i got to get moving, do something. i don't want regrets, what if's. i want to know that i at least tried.

i've always wanted to be a published author. i've been writing ever since i could put sentences together. my mind can't be contained, too much shit in this head, man. i gotta get it out, i gotta share. my dream, realized the last day of november 2013 is to publish this novel as my first. sell a bunch of copies, maybe be able to work on the second one full time and quit my job (or at least go to a part time job). then i'll start squirreling money away to make the epic first trip to japan. eventually, i want to be successful enough to make at least one trip to Japan (or any other country i feel like seeing) once a year.

ambitious, i know. don't care. that's the goal. that's why i work. i want this for not only me, but for the people that i love and the people that i've lost. you'll want to see where this goes, i promise you. the ride will be a little bit of amazing. stick with me...

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