Saturday, December 21, 2013

right about now...

the funk soul brother
sorry if the video weirds you out. i never knew it sucked!

I should really post more mundane shit so I don't go weeks without posting. but at the same time I don't want to be boring. where's the middle ground?

'we'll, kits, what have you been up to?'

I'm glad you asked! about half way done editing the first book of my novel series. after that, I have a duck or two to get in a row before I start sending chapters to my editor. the goal is to have this bad boy polished by the end if the year, 2015 I star looking for a publisher and a house.

also been going through Rosetta Stone like motherfucking gang busters. and it's working. i recognize characters and their sounds outside my learning and can eventually glean words and context. I know this Rosetta Stone is is stiff as fuck (its lack of colloquialism is a main complaint of users), but between Rosetta Stone, anime and various other outlets, I'll be pretty conversational.

also gearing up for the 2014 cons season. it's looking like action packed con-y goodness from february to november. i would love to go to every con offered in the DF-Dub area, but some have pretty spicy prices, and i have a thing about premiering a new cosplay at each one i attend. so between the cost of the pass, the cost of make a new cosplay and, you know, the cost of living, i might not get to go to some of them. but i still plan to look great at the ones i do get to. 

i've also be doing a fair amount of gaming. my friends made me open the pandora's box that is a steam account. i've sunk quite a few hours into steam games so far (and a few dollars, yikes!), but i still myself finding playing good ole nancy drew games. i love nancy drew games. i'm currently on a kick to play every single nancy drew game to date. out of 29 games (30 drops in 2014, woot!) i've played 12. it would be 14, but i've had a hard time getting a good copy of two of them. i love puzzles and they all have a great variety of puzzles, any you can think of. but i think i've gotten too good at them. less than halfway through, i always figure out who done it.

'that's all well and good, kits, but aren't you supposed to be writing? don't you have a novel you're supposed to be working on?'

well, yes. and i am. i try to take time out of every day to work on the novel. but editing is quite honestly the worst part of writing. and editing something i wrote years ago before i started honing my craft is a little painful and tediuous. however, i'm over half way done with the initial edit. by the time i'm clear to submit it to my editor, the polish will be done.

i'm pretty excited. my passions are coming to fruition in ways i would have never imagined. i get to be creative more and more these days. i am exctremely optomistic that 2014 is going to be my finest year as such. one day, very soon, i may even live creatively. writing, creating, crafting, sewing, doing the things i love and actually making sustainable money. i cannot wait.

stay with me...

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