Monday, June 17, 2013

product placement!

had a busy mind last night. my nephew is in the hospital and a family friend passed away. i couldn't sleep, my head was too full. so I tried the nature sounds radio on pandora, but it was just like a bunch of New Age music. went to the App Store instead and found a great app for white noise and nature sounds: Relax Melodies. I got the free version, but it's still pretty cool.  you can mix and match the 40+ sounds, including two binaural wave sounds, to create your personal peaceful sound. it also has a timer and alarm to time out the app and/or wake you up. after testing a few sounds, I finally fell asleep to a woman humming a lullaby. sweet and simple. if you're need cool down sounds, something for meditation or relaxation, check out Relax Melodies 


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