Monday, June 24, 2013

feeling inadequate today

so we had a family dinner yesterday, and it came to light that my cousin got engaged saturday night. i am truly happy for her. the guy she's with is nice, treats her well, they make a cute couple. and then there was me. no one said anything (much to my surprise) but i know they were all thinking that i should be next. well, i'm not going to be. not that i don't want to. i too would love a down ass boo to make me his real ride or die wifey. but as i started this blog, i mentioned all the reasons that will not happen. but if it were to happen, i've realized the criteria my suitor would have to posses in order to woo me and win my hand. it's only three things, but they are crucial.

  • must love/accept anime/manga. this is non-negotiable. if i'm re-watching my favorite anime for the 9 billionth time, not one disparaging word better be heard

  • must love a gamer girl. all games, all platforms, all the time. i don't discriminate, but if you do, you can't be my boo.

  • must love a cosplayer. i've discovered it and i love it. deal.

my criteria for a guy is all about me? well yeah, it appears so. of course there are the other things like intelligence, sense of humor, personality, the 'norm', so to speak. but these are kind of hardcore deal breakers too. see why i'm in no rush to find my mr? quite honestly, he'd have to be a male version of me to come even close. and that thought itself is little scary. but if you're out there, sir, and you stumble across this someday, look me up. i'll be around...

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