Monday, June 29, 2015


ebeen on the Internet dating sites for a week now. it's been more or less a waste of time. none of these jokers can keep up a conversation. I'm not saying they should cater to me and want to know my whole life story, but have something of interest to say. there's been a few I felt an interest in? but I can only ask so many questions, I'm not about to carry an entire conversation. especially when you these jokers are messaging me. I've gone out my way to message two people, other than that, dudes, and a couple of chicks, messages
me and literally say nothing. ridiculous.

I also don't think they have the same expectations. they want someone so desperate for love and a relationship they'll hop into bed or give out their phone numbers after the fist message, nooo, no way jose.

I suppose there's a reason they ended up online dating. me on the other hand can't real life or Internet date..

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