Sunday, January 4, 2015

under fire

so, back to max stress level. well, not max, but it's pretty damn high.

got a notice from the complex office. next year's rent is going to be $800+ if i sign again.

i will not be signing again. that kind of money is beyond bullshit for rotted out cabinets, antiquated appliances and noisy neighbors.

i don't want to move because it involves massive cleaning and work.  but i can't pay that. i do want more space for my kids and i'm tired of galley kitchens. i want a yard and a garage. i still want a house desperately.

but i just checked my credit report. while my score is going up, it's still utter crap. rent to own is my only option. i don't have time to go through a full credit fix to try to be more appealing to home loan companies. rent to own down payments that i've seen are nice and low, something i can ask my credit union for and pay off quickly. the next big deal is an area that's not too far from work so i don't spend all the money i save on rent on gas and also not a high crime area where i'll be robbed, murdered or both. so far, nothing is what i want.

i'm scared because i can't stay in that apartment anymore, but i don't have anywhere else to go. every other complex i tried and liked before this one is going to be the same price or more. i can't go back to my mom's and i sure as hell can't live with my older sister. i'm afraid to be homeless with two animals.

worse case fucking scenario, i'm forced to stay. but it will be the hardest year of my life because there will be zero chance to save money to get into a house when i'm paying that much in rent. slightly better scenario, i end up in a different apartment for six months, giving me extra time to finalize a house.

i need solid, expert advice. i need to know my options. but those things also cost money i don't have. just a lot to process right now. i'm so frustrated that my rent is about to pop up by literally 100 bucks. it's extremely unfair and ridiculous.

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