Friday, July 19, 2013

this time it's for me...

so i've embarked on a new weight loss journey this past saturday. just on a whim really. in june, at A-Kon, i went to a panel about using macro nutrients to lose weight and weight train. they gave a lot of great links and the name of an app called MyFitnessPal. I downloaded it at the time and forgot about it.

on saturday, i marveled at how much crap i've downloaded to my phone and started cleaning house when i happened upon the app again. so i started fiddling with it, entering what i'd eaten, what exercise i did(n't) do that day. I was immediately impressed with the app over any other similar app i'd used so far. it has a much more comprehensive list of foods, the ability to scan bar codes so you don;t have to enter the details for new food manually. it also sets up weight loss goals based on your lifestyle. even syncs with other apps you may be using for tracking weight or exercise and gives daily weight loss estimate.

this lil doodad inspired me. i already wanted to shed some pounds  cosplay for next years con. but using MyFitnessPal makes it seem so easy. I have a set amount of calories, meet or go below that amount (but not too much below, because it will message you not to starve yourself ;-) ). i add in my exercise and water, and it does all the awesome calculations for me.

In addition to rediscovering MyFitnessPal, a group of my friends have a Facebook group encouraging each other to work out and eat better. It was like a godsend. the weekend i start using the app, my bestie posts a new challenge for the group.

yes. my muffin top is a source of constant sorrow for me. i can deal with the fat arms and legs. but to try to wear a cute top with the gut hanging over your jeans... it's just not the business. so i've dived into this whole-heartedly. i actually started before they group officially started :-P and DAMN can i feel it already. today was day five and while walking into work today, i could feel the change in the sides of my abs. 
i'm a fat girl, but i have pretty decent ab control (years of holding it in!). in addition i'm getting in no less than 30 mins of walking a day, five days a i did about 35 mins, burning almost 250 cals.

i feel good. of course it's the same with all lifestyle changes. it's fun at beginning, but a week or two in, you could slap the unholy shit out of someone for some fricking fries from Burger King. but at the same time, i'm in no hurry to lose weight. i feel like it's going to happen, little by little. i do have a goal of 60lbs by january. and i'd like to able to plank everyday for five minutes (oh the pipe dream!) but I don't feel the need to crash diet to try to lose 100 lbs in a month. i'm happy to take it slow for the first time in my fat ass life.

i dunno why it's different this time, but i like it. hopefully this weight loss adventure will be more fodder for my blog. stay tuned!

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