Friday, May 24, 2013

hey man, it's a post!

today is mostly about sharing this song that my lil sister has so kindly gotten stuck in my head. i do like the song, but if i don't get it out by sharing with you, i'm gonna get it out with a bullet. enjoy!

in other news, gearing up big time for A-Kon 24! first year cosplaying for the first time ever as this darling lil troll, Kanaya Maryam

ain't she cute!

it seemed such a simple thing at first, t-shirt with he symbol, skirt, shoes and horns. but this has become a multi-hundred dollar, weeks long process. and after planning since january, and starting to purchase the parts in february, i'm down to a week left and i'm still not done. i, quite honestly, don't see how professional cosplayers do it. but it's been a fun as hell ride, and when things work right, it's beautiful to see. just finished her horns today and have her wig ready for wearing. check me out!

really looking forward to this kon. gonna be a lot of great guests and stuff to do. will post pics once i return!

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