Friday, May 3, 2013

April missed me, but May kissed me

so yeah, still not dead. still gonna post this wittle blog.

a skinny on the things since the last post. lots o' work. junk around the house. new interests, new projects. added to the pandemonium that is my brain: my cosplay for A-Kon, five coursera courses at one time (god help me!),,, the first bit of my blog exclusive story 'Number's Game', Dramatical Murder and much much more.

BUT i am posting tonight because i set myself up for heartache tonight. I got a nod from a cutie on a dating site (don't judge me or call me a hypocrite, i've been on that site WELL before i denounced my love life!). so i messaged said cutie and have obsessively been checking the phone and email ever since to see if he happens to message back. what. in the fuck. is wrong. with me....

anywho, have some dubstep. not my favorite version, but a tasty one nonetheless...

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