Saturday, February 16, 2013

3 Kings

today's music, rick ross, jay-z and dr. dre. i missed the implosion that signaled these three giants stepping into a studio together. but the aftermath ... amazing.

so i had a good day today, despite getting up at the butt crack of dawn. spent some quality time with my sis, who introduced me to an amazing webcomic, Ava's Demon. it has an intruiging story right off the bat. Poor little Ava seems to have a unwanted companion as constant company. On top of that, she's a social outcast and the victim of a sudden freak turn of events. this leads her to put her trust in her untrustworthy lifelong companion. the story isn beautifully illustrated through single panel pages, and is one of the best looking webcomics out there, in this author's humble opinion. it updates once a week on thursdays so be sure to add it to your keeps.

speaking of art, after years of admiring the work of others, i made it my business this year to step up from "recognizable figures" to actual "good" art. 'how are you doing that, Kits?' well, i'm glad you asked. i found an absolutely groovy site with free art lessons at aside from being fun, the lessons are easy to understand and practice. and they are A LOT of them of all skill levels. even with some basic drawing skill, i started at the beginning and it's been paying off. it's given me understanding of things i was doing right (and wrong). i'm excited to post my progress here as i go through all the site offers. so have a little doodle i created from on of the lessons on the site :-)

it's a cute lil gremlin!

lastly, my inspiration for the day: peter gabriel's Legends and Icons interview for pandora. his words on "interesting life" speak to my soul. they are words i have to live by...

"If money, skill, talent, opportunity, were no object, what would you be doing right now?" ... inevitably, whatever people answer is exactly what they should be doing. And probably, they'll find a way to make money out of it, and if they don't they'll have a great journey, probably with similar minded people that have a similar sort of passion they do. And so the experiance will be really good.

so while it's always been a dream to be a published author, i'm researching and making moves to makre the dream realized. so stay with me, i'm sure the journey will be a good one...

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