Thursday, September 4, 2014

blog challenge day 3: early morning ponderings

responsibility is a chain. it ties you down to materialism and staying safe in one place. go to school, get a job, buy a car, a house, get married have kids, die. that's a life for a lot of people.

kind of think that's not the life I want anymore though. never really expected marriage or kids, but a kid could dream. what I want now is to drive to California, stopping in every state on the way. I want to spend a week in Alaska. fly down to Mexico for the weekend. vacation in japan, take a walking tours in the uk, Italy and Greece. I don't want to be tied down anymore.

but I have an apartment, a car, possessions, two animals. I can't walk away and live some life, because I have responsibility. I'm trapped.

I have to hope and wait for eventually. and that's a pretty sad state of affairs.

if I'd thought, really knew what I wanted when I had a chance to do it, I'd have done it in a heart beat. it's not regret though, just considerate if a what-if.

maybe, someday, I certainly want to try. get this writing thing off the ground. quit the full time job. find a reliable house sitter. live.

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